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Updated in October 11, 2022 MOD APK (Unlock Room) is one of the leading free live broadcasting platforms on mobile phones. Download for Android and IOS, and you’ll have your chances to enjoy these exciting online chat parties with beautiful idols and interesting friends from all over the world.

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About is a free chat platform where you can create your own chat rooms to get to know friends from different regions. In addition, coming to, you also have endless exciting experiences by sharing your favorite songs, chatting with your voice, playing together and singing together with your friends or even strangers. MOD APK 02

With the interesting and wonderful features of, you will definitely maintain more and better personal relationships around you. Not only that, but you can also make friends, socialize and chat with strangers.

Outstanding features of

Many free livestream rooms

It is a free app that allows you to chat together with other users in your live voice chat room extremely quickly and simply. At, you can completely create your own chat room without any level limits. As a result, it becomes easier to expand your social network by chatting with strangers or simply friendly friends you already know.

Combining games during online chat with will help you feel more interesting, more fun and more comfortable. Therefore, has come up with popular games such as Ludo, Domino, UNO, 8 ball ball … to give you many choices with your friends according to each person’s personal preferences

Many amazing gifts and magical entrance effects

In the process of getting to know new friends, a cute gift from sent to them will be a very useful tool to express emotions for them. At, you can completely do it to make the initial acquaintance less shy, less embarrassing. And also partly helps new acquaintances have more similar topics of conversation. From there, your social relationships will be extended further with more friends.

Besides, the effects that provide in the app are also a very important part to help you have a good impression as well as get the attention of people around you. By the cool entrance effect, you should be a superstar rock right now.

Create groups to play exciting video games together

Playing the game alone will definitely make you feel sad and boring, right? You don’t even have the inspiration to sit alone playing the game even though it’s the best game. Understanding that, has given you the feature of being able to cooperate with teammates quickly and easily. Now, team games like PUBG, Fire, Mobile Legends or other popular games will definitely attract and attract you and your teammates, right?

Share memorable moments

In everyday life, you always have memorable moments. These can be happy feelings with your loved ones, lovely feelings with friends, warm feelings with your partner and also your own reflections. Share those feelings with pictures or short videos so that they become your great memories in the

Create groups for more fun activities

You can get special items and rewards in by creating a family and inviting your friends and family to join you. There will be a lot of interesting leisure activities waiting for you in that

MOD APK version of

MOD feature

  • Unlock Room
  • Allow Screenshots

What’s new

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download MOD APK (Unlock Room) for Android

You want to join many interesting chat rooms with unfamiliar friends nearby around or in the world. offers the full range of functions that a live broadcasting platform requires. Even features such as chatting with idols, playing games right at the livestream room, making money by becoming new idols.

It can be said that is a place to both entertain and earn friendships, lovers of your life, you can even earn money right on this app!