Name 2022.TV
Publisher2022.TV INC
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesAllow Screenshots + No Login
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Updated in November 24, 2022

2022.TV MOD APK (Unlock Room) is one of the mobile live broadcasting platforms. Download 2022.TV for Android, IOS and Desktop (using Android emulators) to join countless exciting chat parties with beautiful idols, interesting people from all over the world.

In addition, you can also download some similar entertainment apps like QQLive, Bling2, and Hot51.

About 2022.TV

Perhaps people already know that many social applications used to make friends are commonly used, but few people know about the presence of 2022.TV – a social network that many people are interested in, used to connect with friends and broadcast live with a lot of newness and attraction.

To get unique features, behind is a creative and strong team that provides many great functions for users 2022.TV. If you do not fully understand it, let’s explore 2022.TV, it creates a colorful world!

Outstanding features of 2022.TV

What was your day like, did it have a lot of difficulties? 2022.TV- as a place for you to come and share those difficulties. Mostly, free time is time for users to come to 2022.TV. Don’t go far when in front of you this is a world of live broadcasting with many different areas created by the app for people to explore and learn.

You can be a novice artist, not experienced enough. To learn more about the world around you, it can be broadcast live to share about it, it can be a song that is about to be released, a story that you encounter or, more interestingly, the beautiful choreography that you have learned and shared with everyone. 

You are a great artist, and the viewers are the ones who feel and the judges who comment on you. They are the ones who contribute ideas to help you improve.

Live chat with idols

What is your mood like today? Happy or sad? 2022.TV – always a place that brings you laughter, joy with friends. It binds you together with relatives, family tells each other more. Reunions with friends without having to waste time are using 2022.TV’s online chat feature. 

These are the happy and sad confidants that you share with friends, the tasks discussed to start a new day of work together. Talking with people regularly will increase affection, contributing to better friendships.

Special PK Room

The 2022.TV application is not only a place to chat but also a place to relieve pressure by playing games with friends on the app. With many rich games that typically stream live with each other.

The rules of the contest are 2 people entering the room together, comfortably live streaming with many different content, the way to evaluate wins and losses is the number of viewers, whoever has a larger number of viewers receives the victory.

In addition, there are other games such as battleships on the island, and many other interesting games that help users freely search to reduce the pressure coming from many sides of the day.

Meaningful gift

You want to send your friends the most meaningful gift. This App – will accompany users to give unique gifts such as flowers, gift boxes to accumulate points in the 2022.TV.  When you send a gift, you and your recipient can jointly increase your account’s accumulated points and other attractive rewards from 2022.TV.

Simple and easy to use

2022.TV provides users with a very beautiful and in-depth interface when using the application. You can comment right on other people’s live streaming videos but freely give gifts, drop gifts for that video. The 2022.TV application offers the function of dropping emojis, commenting, sending images to others.

With rich emoticons to replace your emotional expression, rich stickers are cute to make the live conversation richer. 

In addition, you can send the image you save to your partner, if you have questions or need answers. During the live stream can tell people more!

It’s so refreshing, what’s the point of people not participating in 2022.TV explore our world!

MOD APK version of 2022.TV

MOD features

  • Unlock Room (Coming soon)
  • Allow Screenshots
  • No Login

What’s new

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download 2022.TV MOD APK (Unlock Room) for Android

If you want to find yourself moments of entertainment with friends or relatives. Sign up for 2022.TV live streaming platform today. This is a great place for you to enjoy livestream programs along with a lot of attractive entertainment content.

Along with that, you can completely chat with idols, make friends and chat with interesting friends. 2022.TV MOD APK even offers countless free live games for you to play!