Name App 22.TV Mod Apk
Publisher22.TV INC
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesAllow Screenshots + No Login
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Updated in November 24, 2022

22.TV MOD APK (Unlock Room + Allow Screenshots) is one of the HOT free live broadcasting platforms in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan markets. Download 22.TV for Android, IOS and PC (Using the Android emulator, you will have the opportunity to participate in countless attractive livestream parties provided by beautiful idols.

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Introduce about 22.TV

22.TV is a latest entertainment app provided for free by 22 TV INC, a famous app publisher with many live social networking platforms. With the 22.TV Live app, users will experience a variety of services and trendy entertainment functions.

Come join the 22.TV platform, you and other users will enjoy parties with a vibrant and fun atmosphere completely free of charge. No need to meet in person, open a room and watch what’s playing, something new and interesting will be found in the live rooms of this 22.TV app!

Similar to many live broadcast apps that we have introduced through a number of articles in the past. 22.TV offers live rooms with various entertainment content, from chatting to dating, from singing to watching movies. Whatever your enjoyment needs are, the app can satisfy or even more!

Instead of being tired of work, family. Why don’t you try downloading 22.TV to join these one-of-a-kind fun chat parties!

Outstanding features of 22.TV

Join countless fun livestream parties

Don’t have time to enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family? Want to connect with millions of strangers from all over the world? Sign up to 22.TV to become a new user, join thousands of livestream rooms with the most trendy entertainment content.

The entertainment content in the 22.TV app is worth your discovery such as singing, watching movies, chatting, solo competition between two or more idols, dancing, dating, playing games, or even any Any genre you love is available in any time slot!

In each livestream room will have its own style, for example, the music room, you will hear millions of the best songs of all time or the latest songs of the past week. The songs that are played are all played from the idol’s emotional vocals on the 22.TV platform.

Although the livestream rooms have their own differences, in the end, what they bring to you and the people who are participating in the room has moments of fun entertainment after every tiring and stressful working session!

Chat with idols and strangers

22.TV not only helps users enjoy live broadcasts. Which users can chat with their favorite idols and other users by writing text comments or sending beautiful stickers to express their feelings.

You are experiencing or have experienced many of the most interesting and memorable stories in your life. Share them in the group chat room with text comments, along with emotional stickers to increase the appeal of the story.

Don’t hesitate to share, every story you tell will be heard by everyone in the live room. Idols and friends from all over the world will confide in you. If you are having a difficult job or love, everyone in the live room of 22.TV will have some great ideas for you, your difficulties will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Many interesting entertainment games

22.TV Live is not only a platform to broadcast and enjoy livestream, but it is also a platform that plays hundreds of online entertainment games such as football, mahjong, 3D card games, sports, treasure tracing. treasure, chess, shooting fish online, gambling and more.

Choose one of the games to start, invite your friends or idols to join in the fierce battle. You and other invited players compete against every game challenge. Who is the winner? What will the winner get? Try playing the game on 22.TV for immediate results!

Simple and easy to use

Simplicity and ease of use are a highlight of this 22.TV app. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, it certainly doesn’t take too long to get used to your app. Whether you are a person who does not know how to use a mobile phone, a child or an elderly person. You can easily register to participate in many unique entertainment programs with just one click!

Just like the LG777 Live or Yoha Live app, 22.TV allows users to register to create a new account with just a few steps of filling in some basic information such as account name, password, email, verification code, ID, gender, interests and bank account link (can be omitted) means you already have your own 22.TV account.

In addition, 22.TV also provides a customer care team that works at any time of the day. All the problems users are facing like failed registration/login, shopping and payment errors, can’t open apps on phone, account is locked accidentally and more.

All of these problems will be thoroughly handled by the customer care team of 22.TV, until the user is satisfied!

MOD APK version of 22.TV

MOD features

Unlock Room (Coming soon)

Allow Screenshots

No Login

What’s new

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Download 22.TV MOD APK for Android

In general, 22.TV is one of the platforms to broadcast and enjoy free livestream on Android and IOS phones. Coming to the 22.TV app, you will be able to join hundreds of fun parties of different genres, chat with idols and people, earn money by showing your talents, or even is to play games without having to install any other apps!

It can be said that 22.TV is a great place for you to find your own fun!