Name 726.TV
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlock Room + Allow Screenshots
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Updated in November 22, 2022

726.TV is one of the free smartphone live broadcasting platforms. Download 726.TV for Android, IOS and PC, you will enjoy countless livestream programs with many attractive entertainment content broadcast by beautiful and talented idols.

Alternatively, you can also download some of the same entertainment apps available on the blog like Bling2, Litmatch, and Uplive.

Introduce about 726.TV

726.TV is one of the most popular live streaming applications on the market today, it is provided by the publisher 726.TV Inc and is officially distributed on two mobile platforms, Android and IOS.

From the time of its launch to the present, 726.TV has more than 1 million users from all over the world. But most of them, China and Hong Kong are the regions with the most users.726.TV MOD APK

Compared to many applications with the same live stream genre such as bigo live, tata live or bunny live, 726.TV MOD gives users an experience worth every penny. The App provides a full range of entertainment services that the livestream platform requires. Even trendy functions you’ve never seen before. Right now, you will have the opportunity to experience.

With a variety of unique entertainment genres, users can enjoy completely free and unlimited. 726.TV gives you the ultimate feeling, a world full of vibrant atmosphere with professional live rooms.

Instead of being tired of work, love and family, why not try joining the 726.TV community to chat with your idols and make new friends!

Outstanding features of 726.TV

Join the livestream room

You don’t have time to participate in all kinds of outdoor fun with friends and family. Thanks to the explosive development of internet technology, there are many entertainment apps launched to help people chat with each other right on their phones.

726.TV is one of the most prominent entertainment apps worth experiencing. You can join countless online prom parties anytime, anywhere, any time of the day. As long as your mobile device always has an internet connection.

726.TV APK offers over 100+ exclusive live broadcast rooms with a variety of entertainment you love such as singing, dancing, watching movies, playing games, chatting, telling stories and more. Join everyone in the lively and fun atmosphere of the live room.

If you love art, especially music. Surely 726.TV is a place for you to listen to many of the greatest songs of all time. All the latest or trending songs will be performed by artists with emotional vocals. No need to go to the music room, just open the 726.TV app and enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

Chatting with Idols

It’s not just about watching the outstanding talent performances of the idols you admire. 726.TV also allows you to interact with your idols and people by writing comments and sending beautiful stickers with many meanings to express your feelings.

In addition, 726.TV also offers hundreds of gifts such as bouquets, flowers, diamond rings, necklaces, bags, supercars, motos, spaceships, mobile phones, kisses, unicorns, drop a tym so you can send it to your idol.

All gifts of low to small value will be a great motivation, helping idols have more income to cover their lives. They will spend more to connect with you and the people on the 726.TV live broadcasting platform.

726.TV offers many online games

Maybe the program provided by the idol could not be good from the beginning to the end. 726.TV offers hundreds of online entertainment titles such as 3d card games, dice, boxing, soccer, racing, sports, chess, mahjong, shooting fish, beer and many more.

Each game will bring a different style of play, but in the end they will give you relaxing moments. Let’s start fresh some friends or idols and people who are joining the game live room. What could be more wonderful than with friends to win after each fierce battle.

Without going to the game center, open the 726.TV app and play your favorite titles with ease.

Simple and easy to use

726.TV is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Definitely won’t take up too much of your research time. Whether you are a person who is not good at using phones, children or the elderly can easily join the social network livestream 726.TV.

To join 726.TV, you don’t need to go through cumbersome steps anymore. Instead, just fill in some basic information such as account name, phone number, confirmation code, gender, year of birth, interests and bank account link. for myself.

In addition, 726.TV also allows users to have their own account without having to do so by clicking on the “Visitors” section. This is a great subscription feature that not all apps offer.

MOD APK version of 726.TV

MOD feature

Unlock Room

Allow Screenshots

No Login

What’s new

Bug fixes and performance improvements!

Download 726.TV MOD APK for Android

Join countless free online entertainment parties with 726.TV. A place where you can watch, enjoy talent shows and interact with famous beautiful idols. Not only that, you can also play games or become the new 726.TV idol to earn extra income!