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Updated in November 12, 2022 MOD APK is one of the leading free online chat and friend platforms for Android and IOS. offers hundreds of functions that make it possible to enjoy voice chat, video calling, and play engaging online games with unfamiliar friends everywhere in the world.

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Don’t have time to get acquainted in real life? Do you want to have a close friendship as well as love without spending any time and money? is a livestream app right on mobile phones. Here, you and other users can create chat rooms to get to know other users from different regions.

With group chat rooms on the app, you can experience a plethora of cool features such as sharing your favorite songs, chatting by text, voice or video, playing games, especially singing with friends or even strangers around.

Through the many exciting functions of the app, we are sure you will have one or more experiences of personal relationships around you. Along with that, you will get to know, make friends, as well as chat and much more.

Outstanding features of

Join an attractive livestream room

Like many other livestream apps on the google play store and appstore, is an app that provides many chat rooms with a variety of attractive entertainment content provided by the users. In this chat room, you can explore genres like singing, chatting, gaming, dating, storytelling, listening to music, quizzes and much more. allows you to chat with other friends right in the room without having to send friend requests first. You just need to write a comment or join the seat to be able to chat by voice/video easily and quickly.

In addition, you can create chat rooms for yourself and your friends without any age restrictions or levels, everything is completely free.

Many attractive entertainment games

Chatting for so long makes you and everyone in the group chat bored? Invite everyone to join the myriad of the most popular online games today. offers more than 100 hot titles with many genres that you love such as Ludo, Domino, UNO, 8 ball balls, fishing, 3d card game, quizze and much more.

Each game in the app will have different gameplay. But in the end, what they give you and others is great entertainment that is rarely available. Let’s start choosing any game and invite everyone to join!

Countless meaningful gifts

In the process of getting to know each other, cute gifts will be something that will make the future conversation smoother. Just like real-life gifts, offers thousands of meaningful gifts such as kisses, fist bumps, designer handbags, diamond rings, smartphones, supercars, motos, spaceships, unicorns and more.

With the gifts on the app, we are sure they will make the initial acquaintance less hesitant and embarrassing. Along with that, they will also help somewhat for a new acquaintance who has many topics to talk about. From there, your new relationships will be expanded, friendship and love will come to you instantly!

Besides, the representative frame effects that provides are also a very important part to help you have a good impression as well as get the attention of people around you. You will stand out from the crowd, you will have many opportunities to get to know excellent people!

Create teams to join engaging video games

Playing games alone for too long doesn’t make you happier. You don’t even have the inspiration to sit alone and play the game even though it’s the best multiplayer game. Understanding that, has provided you with a feature that makes it possible to cooperate with gaming teammates quickly and easily.

Now, games like 3D card game, fish shooting, racing, or other popular video games, you’ll all find a friend who’s willing to fight with you through life-and-death levels.  It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Share loving moments again

In everyday life, you always have one or more memorable moments about family, work, friends, love, or whatever. These can be happy feelings with your loved ones, lovely feelings with friends, warm feelings with your partner and also your own reflections.

Right now, share those feelings with pictures or short videos so that it becomes great memories on the app. Friends everywhere in the world will love the content you post, you will become a famous blogger!

MOD APK version of

MOD feature

  • Unlock Room (no support)
  • Allow Screenshots 
  • No Login

What’s new

  • Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

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Make friends and chat with millions of friends from many countries, have you tried? Download now so you can get to know interesting and funny friends through group chat or feed discovery. If you want to find yourself a new friendship, surely the app is a great choice that you cannot ignore.

Simply because you can’t find a live chat app that looks like on mobile.