Name Anime TV
PublisherKIKU Group
OS SuportAndroid 4.4 and up
MOD FeaturesVIP Unlocked
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Updated in November 26, 2022

Anime TV MOD APK is an entertainment application that helps you enjoy the best anime movies you love right on your Android phone. Alternatively, you can download an app with similar features to Bilibili.

Introduce about Anime TV

Most people watch movies with their phones more than devices such as computers, personal cinemas or cinemas. Grasping the needs of movie nerds, there are many movie watching apps that have been created.

Anime TV – Nonton anime sub indo, anime tv hd is the most popular anime viewing application in Indonesia, provided by KIKU Group and released exclusively for the Vietnamese market.

Currently, Anime TV is available on two popular phone platforms such as Android and iOS. You can download and watch the most popular anime movies for free with high quality, instead of paying fees like many foreign anime viewing applications.

Attractive features of Anime TV app

Best anime movie watching app

If you are looking for an application to watch free online anime right on your phone, Anime TV is a great choice for you to enjoy the best anime works of all time.

You will enjoy your favorite Anime movies online through on mobile application. And the most important thing, you can watch movies on this platform completely for free, If you are an anime lover then you should not ignore this great application.Anime TV - Nonton anime sub indo, anime tv hd

With Anime TV, you can customize and set up movie viewing modes in many different styles, with just a single gesture you can dynamically adjust screen brightness, volume, size, font, color of the subtitle font or the visual quality of the movie being watched.

In addition, you can also use smart gestures of swiping on the phone screen to fast forward and rewind. A great feature for those of you who want to quickly finish the movie or skip the movies you don’t like or have seen.

Anime TV allows users to adjust video quality. Although the platform offers high-quality movies, you can still customize the resolution to your liking. An extremely important feature for those of you who are watching movies on your phone without much internet capacity.

You can choose from familiar video quality such as 360, 480, 720 or high quality Full HD 1080. Join us to enjoy the lively anime entertainment space brought by Anime TV app.

Huge anime movie store

Anime TV provides a huge anime store for you to explore, you can enjoy popular, HOT or your favorite anime movies all available on this platform. Not only that, you can also search for the right movie for you by using the movie filter feature by criteria: genre, release year, duration, country. You will save time searching for the right movie.Anime TV - Nonton anime sub indo, anime tv hd

You are a goldfish brain, you can’t remember the name of the movie you watched yesterday! With the feature to save history, create and add your favorite movies to your movie library. Thanks to that, you can review the movies you’ve seen or watch the next episode of an anime series without missing out. At the same time, you can easily manage the movies you follow, you won’t miss the new episodes.

In addition, Anime TV also has a personal data synchronization function, you can back up and sync your movie history, create or favorite movies to the Google Drive cloud. Also, you can share data on multiple mobile devices with one click linking to the previous backup account.

Intuitive and friendly interface

If you feel that the online movie watching application is too complicated, Anime TV will be a great application for you personally. With a highly rated user interface, an extremely simple and user-friendly interface. You can easily get used to it like many other applications like Zing TV, iQIYI. Full-featured so you can choose or search for your favorite movie. With the Color style and interface design of this application is not too picky, so it will make you feel more friendly.

MOD APK Version for Anime TV


VIP Unlocked: You can watch sharp high-quality movies with suitable stable transmissions.

NO ADS: Display ads that are discouraging to users have been removed from the app.

What’s new

Bug fixes and performance improvements!

Download Anime TV MOD APK for Android

With Anime TV, you can watch whatever anime you like. There are many movies that were once famous to movies that have just come out recently. You will enjoy your favorite movies wherever and whenever you want by using the offline movie download function. Are you ready to experience the best anime movies, download Anime TV APK for free now.