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UpdateNovember 28, 2021

Beelinguapp MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) is an educational app that helps you practice Spanish, English, French, and more. Master 3 skills of reading, listening and writing in just 30 days. In addition, you can refer to the application Lingoder!


Do you want to develop your own abilities? Want to learn multiple languages ​​to find the best job? We will tell you about a language learning application on Android and IOS phones. Beelinguapp is the educational app we are talking about for you. Improve 3 skills reading, listening and writing in just 30 days. 15 minutes a day to study. Beelinguapp offers more than 14 language courses from beginner to advanced including:

  • Spanish
  • English
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Korea
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Russian
  • Turkey
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Italian
  • Swedish
  • Japanese

Beelinguapp Highlights

Language learning made easy

Learn languages ​​by reading the content you love with the app’s parallel-text method for all levels of experience – from beginners to experts! Read stories in 2 languages ​​at the same time, listen to audio. Improve your listening and reading comprehension, pronunciation and build your language vocabulary. Language learning is fun and free with Beelinguapp!Beelinguapp - Follow the audio to liste, read & learn

Learn a new language with Beelinguapp, the app where you read stories in different languages ​​side by side. Listen to native speakers and read texts in your native language.

Audio Reader

Language learning requires more than just learning vocabulary – skip the flashcards and choose the language you want to learn through text and audiobooks. Improve your listening and reading comprehension, pronunciation and build your language vocabulary. From Spanish to French to German and more, Beelinguapp teaches you through fun and familiar writing. Familiarize yourself with new words with karaoke-style scrolling text to learn new languages ​​easily. Learn languages ​​by watching karaoke-style communication videos. To know exactly what they are talking about.

Interesting stories

Learn new languages ​​by reading different stories together with Beelinguapp! No need to memorize and no need to download. Learn languages ​​at your own pace by reading your favorite stories on Beelinguapp!

Beelinguapp provides many stories with a variety of topics. Read your favorite fairy tales, novels and more. You can search for a suitable thread and mark it as favorite. The story is edited by famous experts in the world. Interesting story and remove boredom when learning. Start learning a foreign language with stories and you will improve your reading and communication skills quickly.Beelinguapp - language quiz test your understanding

Read stories, articles or travel guides to learn! Read classics like Snow White and Sherlock Holmes, cultural guides, daily articles or even children’s books with simple sentences and illustrations.

MOD APK version for Beelinguapp

MOD Features

Enjoy and experience Beelinguapp app unlimited. Full access to all features available only in PRO members.

No advertising.

What’s new?

More than 10 lessons are continuously updated every week.

Fix bugs and keep improving performance better!

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Beelinguapp is the best educational app with more than 10 million trusted users worldwide. Voted and highly rated in several areas of the app store. Learn new languages ​​and read your favorite stories, listen and start learning today!

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