Name 出家模擬器
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Updated in April 2, 2022

出家模擬器 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a business simulation game for Android, iPhone. You will play the role of a god who is harmed by crooks, having to disguise himself as the abbot of a ruined temple to wait for the day to turn around, wash away the hidden.

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Introduce about 出家模擬器

出家模擬器 ( Trụ trì online ) is the latest temple building room tissue game 2022!

Rebuilding temple

The original temple was very simple, they were all abandoned and old buildings. You will have to perform all the tasks assigned in the game to earn income sources such as gold coins, weights, materials, labor to repair the works in the temple. Learn how to manage by completing the task in the game 出家模擬器, build the temple to become the most harmonious, prosperous temple in the city.

There are many old houses, abandoned land that needs to be rebuilt such as:

  • Uranus Palace: The large electricity has a statue of a relic and a uranus.
  • Residence: where monks rest.
  • Rooms 1 and 2: the temple’s single rooms for overnight stays.
  • Steeple: architecture tells the time for the temple.
  • Dai Hung Palace: main hall in the temple, where the statue of Buddha likes to ca ca is located.
  • Kitchen: Where to cook, food.
  • Factory: where to make building materials.
  • Điện gia lam: shrine to the old bodhisattva lam.
  • library house: Located deep in the temple, this place is for guests who like to be quiet.
  • Sutra: also known as the business hall, is the place where the monks preach Dharma.
  • Field: a place where crops are grown to provide food.
  • Open a new area: the next area needs to be remodeled.

Monastic life

Over time, you will gain a lot of wealth and experience after each task is completed. Start the production process in the game 出家模擬器 with a small accumulated capital, rebuild the old building and decorate them to become the most beautiful and flashy, from which there will be a lot of visitors. Be careful, your life will change with each time you choose.

Handling customer problems

Solving the visitor’s problem is a very new task in 出家模擬器. Every day, the temple has a lot of visitors, each with their own problems that need your help such as love, family, work, healing and many other issues that need your help, choose one of the answers provided by 出家模擬器. After each answer you will receive a bonus from them.

Recruit more people to work

By recruiting new workers, the temple will have new manpower to speed up the construction of the temple quickly. Every worker in the game 出家模擬器 has a different personality, you should arrange the right tasks for them such as building, cleaning the temple, managing incense and many other jobs.

Various missions for players

A lot of daily and weekly tasks for players to perform such as:

  • Coin accumulation: income reaches 10000 coins.
  • Accumulate incense: incense reaches 50.
  • Welcome guests: reach 200 visitors.
  • Add more workers: unlock 2 multipliers.
  • Land upgrade: upgrade any field to level 2.
  • Temple construction: build 10 temple interiors.
  • Chanting on main hall twice.
  • At bell tower 4 times.
  • Receiving guests from far away 300 times.
  • And more missions will be added later.

Get rewards every day

In each game login 出家模擬器, the player will receive the accumulated bonus amount, i.e. the business in the temple is still maintained even if the player exits the game. Do you get a lot of money? It all depends on the development and the number of visitors to the temple.

Graphics and sound

Although 出家模擬器 is not a 3D simulation game like many other simulation titles. But with the 2D graphics in the game is also more than enough not to disappoint you. Starting the game, you will admire the beauty of medieval architecture such as pagodas, tile roofs, walls, roads, ancient architectures with colorful heads with many splendid patterns. In addition, the characters in the game have a different appearance and style from clothes, hair, jewelry.

After graphics, music is very important in every game. A game that wants to be multiplayer needs to have good music. With 出家模擬器, players will listen to good background music, special sound effects while playing. 

MOD APK version for 出家模擬器

With version of 出家模擬器 MOD APK, you will get many opportunities when playing this game.

MOD features 

Unlimited money (Watch ads or log in daily to get 300k coins)


Download 出家模擬器 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

出家模擬器 is an entertainment game with attractive gameplay, especially the game has beautiful 2D graphics and vivid sound. You will be dressed as the abbot of the temple, your task is to build the temple, absorb more monks and handle the problems of visitors.

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