Name App Gun & Dungeons Mod Apk
OS SuportAndroid 6.0 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Updated in February 6, 2022

Gun & Dungeons MOD APK is the latest action game in 2022, you can download the game for free to Android, iPhone. Join now the fiery battles between heroes and dangerous monsters in the dark.

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What is Guns & Dungeons?

Gun & Dungeons is an attractive 3D entertainment game on smartphones, it is published by With hack and slash gameplay like many other action games, you will become a hero of justice. Justice will defeat the evil, many dark forces are trying to invade the world of Chimera 5, start equipping the most advanced weapons and ammunition, practice fighting skills to destroy the strong boss strong.

Explore the world full of mysteries in game Gun & Dungeons

The world of Gun & Dungeons will be an interesting place for players to explore. Let’s explore the interesting things in this world, a 3D real world system is in front of us. This place is full of darkness. Surely you will know how scary the dark is, monsters, reptiles and all kinds of vicious creatures are reproduced as realistically as possible.

In the world of Gun & Dungeons, you will have to follow the underground rules. The underground rules are understood very simply, you will have to survive in the dangerous darkness with the most difficult monsters, it will attack you as soon as it sees you. If you fight to the end of the level, you will face a ferocious monster that is gigantic and stronger than ever.

Use gun equipment to win against the destructive attack. You will win many rewards after defeating the boss, a huge pile of loot such as coins, items, diamonds, energy points… and another dungeon will be unlocked.

Exciting survival mode

Gun & Dungeons offers hundreds of challenging dungeons, do you want to play by quest or survival? In the mission mode, you will have to perform tasks such as hunting, fighting monsters or searching for any treasure to complete the level mission.

As for the survival mode, the essence in Gun & Dungeons is quite similar to many other survival shooter titles. However, Gun & Dungeons has a lot more points than difficulty, each survival match will take place extremely harshly, this is where you will have to face giant monsters with superior strength. .

You will have to use your skills, constantly move your character and shoot continuously at monsters to overcome the challenging game screen to achieve absolute victory. After you complete the mission, you will receive many great value rewards. No one has ever survived or escaped from this hellish world, will you be the first?

Use weapons and upgrade

During the battle in the game Gun & Dungeons, it will be difficult for you to win with only fighting skills. Use support items in the weapon shop such as sniper rifles, machine guns, assault guns, laser guns, bazookas, bullets, rockets and more. These weapons will be of great help in the battle with extremely powerful destructive power aimed at the evil monsters.

At the same time, Gun & Dungeons also offers an upgrade feature, a lot of powerful skills that you can choose and manage to increase your strength! If you have a favorite weapon but it has low attack power, you don’t want to give it up? It’s great, with the upgrade feature in the game that will help your favorite weapon become powerful, easily destroy the enemy in front of you.

MOD APK version for Gun & Dungeons

If you are not persistent enough to practice combat skills, it will be difficult to pass the test. With our version of Gun & Dungeons MOD APK, you will have the best supported pages in each match such as modern weapons, bosses that are easy to destroy with a single hit.

MOD features 

Unlimited gems, coins, energy

Kill monsters with one hit

What’s new?

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

How to install Gun & Dungeons

Step 1: First, you need to download our “Gun & Dungeons MOD APK” file below the article.

Step 2: Please enable installation of apps from unknown sources in the mobile system settings.

Step 3: Open Gun_&_Dungeons_MOD_300_BY_APKVIPO.apk file in download folder or download section of web browser application (Chrome, Samsung Browser…), then click to install.

Step 4: Click on the icon of game to launch and enjoy.

Download Gun & Dungeons MOD APK for Android

Overall, Gun & Dungeons is an action game with sharp 3D graphics and vivid sound. Players will join the battle between the boundary of life and death. Equip and upgrade support items to easily defeat the boss. In addition, buy more pets to fight together!

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