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OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlock Room + Allow Screenshots
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Updated in November 26, 2022

HHTV9 CC MOD APK (Unlock Room) is one of the HOT live broadcasting platforms on smartphones. Download HHTV9 Live for Android and IOS, you will be able to join countless exciting entertainment parties provided by beautiful and talented idols.

In addition, please refer to some more applications with similar genres such as Bling2, 69Live and Litmatch.

Introduce about HHTV9 Live mod apk is an application of the livestream genre provided by, this is one of the publishers that provides many online social networks completely free for users.

HHTV9 Live is distributed in many Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and many more. HHTV9 Live gives users anywhere to enjoy thousands of live broadcasts every day for free.

All those entertainment programs will be gathered in professional livestream rooms. There will be beautiful idols as hosts, they will chat with you or show off their talents in front of you and others participating.

Not only that, you can also chat with everyone in the livestream room by writing comments or sending labels to express your feelings. Do not hesitate to send, people are looking forward to your message.

Outstanding features of HHTV9 Live

Join countless gameshow parties brings interesting experiences to users through hundreds of livestream programs with many unique content such as singing, chatting between idols and audiences, playing games, gameshow, dancing, watching movies, solo. Compete between 2 or more idols, tell stories and more.

Every program will have its good points. But with HHTV9 Live, all live rooms have a vibrant and fun atmosphere. Especially the music room, you will listen to millions of the latest or greatest songs of all time.

All songs that will be performed by HHTV9 Live artists with golden voices for you and everyone to listen to. Although they are just unknown singers, we firmly believe that their voices are no less than any professional singers in real life.

Many interesting entertainment games

Not only providing livestream rooms, but HHTV9 Live also offers many attractive online games with many different genres. Any game you love is available on HHTV9 Live like 3D card, soccer, fish shooting, dice, mahjong, chess, racing, sports, quiz, treasure hunt, treasure gold, gold peaches.

Choose any game to play, invite friends or idols in the live room to join the battle by faction. Everyone will work together to promote their own gameplay so that the group can win more after each level.

Although each game will have a different gameplay, in the end they will give you and everyone the laughter and fun you can never get!

Shopping and payment

Although HHTV9 Live is only released in some Asian countries, paying on this platform is very easy and fast. HHTV9 Live provides hundreds of different payment gateways for users to shop.

Users can choose to pay via bank account, paypal, wechat, alipay, international visa, bitcoin, or pay through local authorized dealers and more. With just one click linked to your payment account, you can shop all virtual products on HHTV9 Live.

Online support team

You are experiencing application-related issues that are difficult to resolve. It’s great that HHTV9 Live has provided a customer care team operating throughout all hours of the day.

Issues users are facing such as account registration/login, account policy violation, shopping and payment errors, unable to open apps and much more.

Quickly connect to the HHTV9 Live team for live support, no matter what the error you are facing, will be thoroughly supported. Until you feel satisfied, that’s it!

Simple and easy to use

Compared to many other applications with the same livestream genre, HHTV9 Live has a youthful and colorful user interface design. The interface layout and functions are arranged and displayed in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.

Whether you are not good at using mobile phones, children or the elderly can easily participate in game shows with friends and relatives on the HHTV9 Live application.

No need to fill in username and password information like before, HHTV9 Live allows users to create their own accounts with just a single click. This is a great feature for those who love simplicity and comfort.

MOD APK version of HHTV9 Live

MOD feature

Unlock Room

Allow Screenshots

No Login

What’s new

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements!

Download HHTV9 Live MOD APK (Unlock Room) for Android

Overall, HHTV9 Live is one of the emerging livestreaming platforms on the market. But that’s not the case, but the app is not good compared to the platforms we have introduced.

HHTV9 Live provides many unique entertainment services that you can search and explore such as participating in gameshows, interacting with idols, making and chatting with new friends, playing games or even having fun. can make money.

Don’t hesitate without downloading HHTV9 Live, it’s worth your while!