Name i69Live
Version1.3.02 (V2.0)
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlock Room, Allow Screenshots, No Login
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Updated in August 15, 2022

i69Live MOD APK (Unlock Room) is one of the best live streaming platforms on mobile phones. Download i69Live, you will have the opportunity to participate in countless online entertainment parties that are provided with beautiful and attractive idols.

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Introduce about i69Live

i69Live is an app of the free livestream genre provided by the publisher Thanks to providing a variety of live broadcasts, i69live has gained more than 1 million users from all over the world in just a few months of its launch. Rarely does a live show app achieve such a feat.

i69Live mod apk gives you a complete entertainment space, a diverse world full of life and fun. Join i69live now, you will enjoy trendy functions, watch a variety of video programs with unique content such as music, movies, dance and more. All are broadcast live by famous or emerging artists in showbiz.

Instead of being tired of work, love and family. Why don’t you try to join this livestream social network?

Outstanding features of i69Live

Enjoy the livestream party

Join dance parties right on your smartphone, have you tried it? With i69live, enjoy countless livestream parties with many unique content, all broadcast at any time of the day for you to watch and follow. As long as your mobile device always has an internet connection!

Discover the genres of live streaming you love on i69 Live including: singing, dancing, gaming, movie watching, chat, solo between two or more idols and more are being updated. Although each room has its own atmosphere. But in the end, they all bring to the audience moments of fun, humor and love of life!

Chatting with Idols

You can interact with your idols and other people right in the i69live room. Right now, start a conversation by writing a comment, sending stickers or emojis. Do not hesitate to chat, everyone is waiting for your response.

In addition, i69live apk also provides thousands of gifts with many meanings. Choose from a variety of gifts such as bouquets, kisses, holding hands, supercars, spaceships, trains, birthday cakes, gods, happy new year, dollars, diamond rings, gold, bitcoins. .. to send your favorite idols.

By sending gifts, you have donated to our idols to have more income to cover their lives. They will spend a lot of time connecting and chatting with you and others on the i69live social network!

Many interesting games

Not all channels are exciting from the beginning to the end. Understanding the needs of the audience, i69live has provided hundreds of attractive games with various genres such as chess, dice, mandarin, lottery, shooting fish, 3D card games, sports, pocket 5d and more than that.

Choose one of the games you are interested in to start, play them right in the live room without having to leave. This is a great feature that not all video chat apps have. With i69live, enjoy the livestream while playing games easily.

Make money online

Do you want to show off your talent and earn money at the same time? Hurry up and register to become a new idol on i69live app. Here you can make money with your own talent, any of your talents are of interest to everyone!

Create your own channel and showcase your talent. The room has many followers, many views and receives many gifts from fans. You will have a chance to get a huge bonus from i69 live!

Create and manage accounts

Since this is an app distributed exclusively in the Vietnamese market, it is quite difficult to register a new account on the i69live app. Therefore, it is required that you have a phone number in Vietnam to be able to register. With just a few basic steps such as filling in your account name, password, gender, year of birth, region, interests and linking your bank account (can be omitted), you will have an i69live account right away. by myself.

Create your own awesome account, fill in the necessary information and post your daily life moments on i69live. That way you will get the attention of the idols and other people in the room.

Simple and easy to use

With i69live intuitive and user-friendly user interface, it certainly won’t take up too much of your time. The livestream functions are clearly displayed. Whether you are a child or an elderly person, people who do not know how to use it can easily experience all the entertainment services available on i69live apk mod.

Compared to other apps like bigo, uplive or mliveu, i69live mod is always interested in whether the user experience is good or not. That’s why i69 live has provided an online support team that works around the clock. Any problems that users are facing will be thoroughly handled by the support team until satisfied.

MOD APK version of i69Live

MOD feature

Unlock Room

Allow screenshots

No login

What’s new

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download i69Live MOD APK (Unlock Room) for Android

Although, i69live is an emerging live streaming app, it is not far behind the others. Watch and follow countless entertainment parties, chat with idols and others, play games. With that, you can show your talent and earn money. It’s great, isn’t it!

Hopefully after this article of ours, you also understand “what is i69live?” and trendy features available on i69live. Download i69 live for android, ios and pc (android emulator) to join the dance party with beautiful teenage girls!