Name Infinity Clan
PublisherTG Inc
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Updated in April 2, 2022

Infinity Clan MOD APK unlimited money is one of completely free strategy games provided by TG Inc. With over 100,000 players from all over the world. This is best survival, land, and turn-based game of 2022 on Android and iOS phones.

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Gameplay Infinity Clan

Infinity Clan is a first-person strategy game genre. At the beginning of game, player will receive a deserted island in open sea. In desert island, there will be 3 characters, player and 2 extra soldiers, along with a tattered tent. You need to make every effort to develop this new land to flourish.Infinity Clan MOD APK

Infinity Clan will guide players through several development steps such as taking over new lands. All present in occupied land will be merged into territory. The territory will become large, build more castles, wells, defense towers, walls, houses.

Unlock new colonies with money accumulated after each victory. In addition, players can earn money by mining, farming, breeding, fishing, trading with other countries. Build your buddy empire in Infinity Clan today.

Build and expand territory in the world of Infinity Clan

Build your own empire in world of Infinity Clan, participating in hundreds of different missions such as building and expanding territories. Conquer new lands to collect resources and money. Use minerals, money to build more great works. Sky castles will represent the prosperity of kingdom.Infinity Clan MOD

In particular, player can recruit slaves of occupied land. Train them to become soldiers with terrorist power, they are the pioneers to join battle to invade the new land, protect kingdom from invasion of other players.

Download Infinity Clan MOD APK to be able to enjoy using your own strategy in the world of Infinity Clan. Join thousands of missions from easy to difficult, easy or difficult level all depends on your level. Most of tasks in Infinity Clan revolve around building, upgrading characters, expanding size of kingdom.

Make friends and interact with other players around the world. Find one or more new friends, you and everyone will become an ally, helping each other develop kingdom. Your allies’ kingdoms are being invaded illegally, send troops and supplies to best protect your allies. Protecting your allies is protecting you!

Infinity Clan APK

Graphics & Sound Infinity Clan

3D graphics in Infinity Clan MOD definitely do not disappoint, you can observe everything around in Infinity Clan world such as islands, seas, grass, trees, defense towers, houses. , tents, mines, hills, fish, waves. Especially the characters in game such as melee soldiers, witches and monsters are displayed clearly and vividly.

Lightly touch 2 objects such as soldiers, buildings, islands and more, move them close together, you will admire beautiful graphic effects, followed by funny sounds. There’s a great tip we’d like to share with you. If your smartphone cannot run Infinity Clan game smoothly, please reduce the graphics for better game play.Infinity Clan on Android

Infinity Clan offers a great soundtrack that’s second to none in any strategy game on Google Play and AppStore app stores. Starting battle for survival in Infinity Clan world, players will hear thrilling background music, but bring excitement and curiosity to players. Accompanied by a sound effect with a gentle rhythm that is emitted after each player’s touch.

MOD APK Version of Infinity Clan

Upgrading and occupying new territories will take up a lot of time and effort of players. With version Infinity Clan MOD APK, players will receive many great opportunities to build and develop their own kingdom in Infinity Clan game.

MOD features

Unlimited Money (Diamond + Coins) (Coming soon)

Download Infinity Clan MOD APK for Android

Infinity Clan requires players to be extremely tactical, you need to arrange and adjust your troops properly to be able to defend, attack and defeat your enemies. Upgrade and increase your power to make your kingdom stronger. If you love strategy, survival, and action games, then Infinity Clan is a name you should definitely not ignore.