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Updated in November 27, 2022

IOU.TV MOD APK is one of the free social apps that is storming mobile phones. Download IOU.TV for Android, iPhone and PC for a chance to enjoy the fascinating live broadcasts provided by beautiful idols.

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What is IOU.TV?

IOU.TV is an app of the livestream entertainment genre provided by the publisher IOU Live, the app is distributed on two popular mobile platforms, Android and IOS. Just a few months after launch, IOU.TV has more than 1 million users from all over the world. But most of them are users in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan account for the largest number.

When joining the IOU.TV community, players will be able to participate in many different online entertainment areas. A place where you can freely make friends and chat with new friends from everywhere, or even chat with your favorite celebrities with just one click.

If you are still wondering whether the IOU.TV application is really good? Instead of asking that question, why don’t you try to join the social network IOU.TV to find joy for yourself after every tiring and stressful working session.

Outstanding features of IOU.TV

Enjoy lots of fun parties

In the era of the internet boom, there are many social networks that make it easy for people to chat remotely. Prominent among them is the IOU.TV application, a multimedia entertainment application that provides all the latest and unique entertainment genres.

With IOU.TV, you and everyone will be immersed in the vibrant and fun atmosphere of live broadcasts. Those fun, trendy parties will blow away all the sadness that you experience every day.

In addition, IOU.TV also offers hundreds of live rooms with many unique entertainment contents such as singing, dancing, gaming, chatting, showbiz, solo competing for fans of two idols, story telling and more and more.

Although each live room has its own style, in the end all of them will bring players more fun and loving moments!

Chatting with Idols

Not only watching live broadcasts, IOU.TV also allows users to interact and chat with each other through many ways such as writing text comments, dropping comments and sending cool stickers pretty. More than 100+ sticker icons help you express your feelings instead of words you want to say to the other person.

Along with that, IOU.TV also offers thousands of attractive gifts such as flower bouquets, spaceships, cars, motorbikes, first kisses, unicorns, crowns, bags, diamond rings, necklaces and more. so you can send it to your favorite idol.

These gifts are small, but they will be a great motivation for our idols to try to show their best talent in front of you and others.

Make money online

IOU.TV is not only a mere entertainment application, but it is also a best online money making app at home for people with artistic talent. Any of your natural talents such as singing, dancing, wit, knowing how to talk to people and more can apply to become a money-making contributor on the IOU app.

Create your own private livestream room and show off one of your talents in front of the world. Let people see you for who you are, you will become a favorite idol in their hearts. Try to put on the best talent show possible, using every trick to entice other people’s fans into your own.

That way, your live room will be even more popular. The more fans you have, the more valuable gifts you will receive. The larger the number of gifts received, the better your chances of making money on IOU.TV.

Simple and easy to use

With the intuitive, friendly and easy-to-use user interface of the IOU.TV application, it certainly doesn’t take too much time to learn. The functions and list of livestream rooms are displayed clearly and neatly.

Whether you are a person who is not good at using mobile phones, children or the elderly can easily enjoy the unique entertainment programs available on IOU.TV quickly and easily.

Unlike many livestream applications that we have introduced in some previous articles. IOU.TV always listens to opinions about whether the user experience is really good or not. Because of that, IOU.TV has provided an online customer care team that operates throughout all hours of the day.

All the problems that users are facing such as failed account registration/login, shopping and payment error, unable to open IOU.TV app, account locked due to policy violation and more.

All errors will be thoroughly handled by IOU Live’s care team, until you are satisfied!

MOD APK version of IOU.TV

MOD feature

Unlock Room

Allow Screenshots

No Login

What’s new

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Download IOU.TV MOD APK (Unlock Room) for Android

Overall, IOU.TV is one of the free entertainment apps worth downloading and experiencing. With more than 100 livestream rooms that are broadcast every time frame, make friends and chat with idols and people, or even you can both entertain and earn money on this IOU.TV platform!