Name JZ.TV
PublisherJZ.TV LIVE
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesAllow Screenshots, No Login
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Updated in November 30, 2022

JZ.TV MOD APK is one of the hottest livestream apps on smartphones. Join the JZ.TV community, you will be able to participate in online prom parties, make friends and games with strangers, play games or even interact with beautiful and attractive famous idols .

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Introduce about JZ.TV

JZ.TV is one of the social apps for Android and IOS (iPhone, iPad). Thanks to providing trendy entertainment services, the app has more than 1 million users trusting the experience everywhere in the world. But most Chinese users account for the largest number of users.

JZ.TV is a great place to join hundreds of entertainment specials, where the atmosphere is full of excitement and fun. Join this social network today, you will enjoy a variety of trendy entertainment services of the upper class at no cost.

Join us to find out what great things are in the JZ.TV app below!

Outstanding features of JZ.TV

Join many livestream parties

Similar to the social applications that we have introduced in some previous articles. JZ.TV brings you about a world full of vibrant atmosphere, sociable and funny people. Accompanied by countless entertainment parties that we are sure you have never enjoyed.

Download JZ.TV, you and everyone together will be able to participate in exciting online entertainment parties such as music, movies, chat, play games, interact with idols and others in the room. live. Even any kind of livestream you love can be found, this is an improvement of JZ.TV that not many apps can do.

Right now, choose one of the live rooms that you feel comfortable with. Invite new friends to join, chat with them about any story in the world. If you are confiding, then surely the community of friends will confide in you and give you many ideas to help you overcome difficulties!

Instead of worrying about work, love and family, why not try this JZ.TV social network!

Watching and playing games

Maybe the idol’s live room doesn’t have a hot atmosphere from the beginning to the end. You feel bored, you want to search or participate in recreational activities such as games without leaving that room. JZ.TV offers a variety of one-of-a-kind video games.

More than 100+ games with many genres that you can choose to play such as 3D card game, sports, football, chess, dice, chess, shooting fish, mandarin box, treasure hunt, ghosts battles, puzzles, racing and more. Choose for yourself any game, invite friends in the live room to join. Fight together, share playing experience for both to win with absolute score!

Although each game on the social network JZ.TV will have its own style of play. But in the end, what they bring to you and others is joy, optimism and love of life!

Make money online easily

Do you want to make money or not? Especially make money right on your smartphone. JZ.TV is not only a mere entertainment application, but it is also the most popular reputable money-making platform today.

In JZ.TV, you will have the choice of two forms of making money such as becoming a collaborator (livestream idol) and becoming a game player. With the form of becoming a collaborator, you will be able to become a host or show your talent in front of the audience. Striving to put on the best talent show possible, the more viewers your livestream room has, the better your chances of winning!

The form of playing the game is different, you need to use your intelligence and luck to win in each bet. Be careful in playing, you win you will get money. And if you lose, you lose money. We recommend choosing the number one form of earning money when you have one or more natural talents, not everyone has!

Shopping and payment

Tired of paying on a game or an app? For social network JZ.TV, paying and shopping is super easy. You can buy all lucky gifts, buy diamonds, buy coins and unlock rooms with money using bank accounts or e-wallets.

JZ.TV supports more than 50 suitable transfer methods for you like USDT, Paypal, Bitcoin, Doge Shiba, Alipay, Wepay and more. Whatever your bank account is, wherever you are, you can shop or pay the balance in your account easily without having to wait long.

Simple and easy to use

JZ.TV is designed with an intuitive, simple and user-friendly interface. Bringing a main color of yellow and white, it will give users endless multimedia entertainment inspirations.

All entertainment functions, livestream channels and interactions with people are displayed clearly and neatly. If you are a person who does not know how to use a phone, whether you are a child or an elderly person, you can easily enjoy the top entertainment services available on the JZ.TV application.

In addition, JZ.TV also helps users get the best application experience. As a result, they have provided an online user support team that works around the clock. If you are having problems with the application, please contact JZ.TV’s customer service team. All problems that you are facing are handled thoroughly, until you feel satisfied!

MOD APK version of JZ.TV

MOD feature

Unlock Room (Coming soon)

Allow Screenshots

No Login

What’s new

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.

Download JZ.TV MOD APK (Unlock Room) for Android

If you are looking for something to entertain yourself right on your mobile phone. JZ.TV will be a great choice for you. You will be able to participate in countless prom parties, along with interacting with idols and friends, playing games right in the room without having to leave.

It can be said that JZ.TV mod is a perfect entertainment service that everyone needs to try once in their life!