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These paws are made for… slicing sushi!
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Kuma Sushi Bar MOD APK – free simulation game for Android, IOS. Becoming a manager in game, players will be able to participate in tasks, upgrade and develop Sushi restaurant to attract many customers to eat.

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Introduce about Kuma Sushi Bar

Kuma Sushi Bar ( Quán Sushi Kuma ) is an offline simulation game powered by HyperBeard that has over 1+ million players from all over world!

Restaurant manager Kuma Sushi Bar

In game Kuma Sushi Bar, you were born into a family that sells traditional Sushi. Traditional food business is facing many difficulties, many reasons such as facilities, advertising, lack of staff, unsanitary Sushi processing, and many other things lead to number of customers coming to restaurant. increasingly declining.

You don’t want your family’s Sushi restaurant to go down, do you? Start your business in a new way that includes: using TV advertising tricks, rebuilding and opening more restaurants, hiring more waiters, and learning more recipes delicious. Menu on  dining table becomes extensive. Note, do not focus too much on number of dishes, customers only need  quality of food.

Kuma Sushi Bar offers many quests for players

Kuma Sushi Bar is one of best restaurant and restaurant management simulation games on phone. Hundreds of tasks from easy to difficult in each level, players must complete them according to target of game. Once completed, you will be promoted, receive large bonuses, and unlock next new mission.

Quests in Kuma Sushi Bar are based on real life. That is, problems related to traditional Sushi restaurant will be written down into attractive tasks. Difficult problems such as cooking, repairing restaurants, handling customer problems, cleaning and decorating restaurant, and much more for players to do.

In particular, Kuma Sushi Bar allows players to create their own gameplay according to their preferences. This is a great feature that not all restaurant simulation games have.

Recruit more helpers

If you’re just getting started with a management role, there’s bound to be a lot of things that can’t be done. To make sure everything runs smoothly, hire more helpers. You can choose from a pool of grumpy, but well-meaning animal friends including:

  • Waiter: the person in charge of the reception, taking orders, transferring the order to the kitchen department and bringing the food to the guests to eat.
  • Culinary staff: the person who prepares dishes according to the requirements of the diners.
  • Cleaning staff: the person who rearranges tables and chairs, cleans, pours excess drinking water, handles garbage during the day.
  • Repairman: a person who performs maintenance, repair and decoration work.
  • Employee Manager: the person who manages the working employees.

They help you manage operation process, answer related issues of restaurant and customers. You will be much more relaxed when recruiting them, make this restaurant, coffee shop your home!

Repair and upgrade restaurant

Like many other games of same genre. Kuma Sushi Bar offers an upgrade system for restaurant that includes repairing, decorating and upgrading house. There are many items for you to upgrade and buy more such as tables and chairs, lanterns, windows, doors, floors, walls, brooms, fans, water bottles, bonsai, masks, paintings, refrigerators, televisions… Each item will have 3 choices of color, size, and design. Try to choose one of them to redecorate the house to become more beautiful.

To buy above, players will have to unlock interior building box with money accumulated during game. Although this is a rather annoying feature, it also helps players not get bored when passing through the level quickly.

Graphics and sound

Although Kuma Sushi Bar is not a 3D simulation game, 2D graphics in the game are more than enough to not disappoint you. At  beginning of game, you will admire beauty of cute characters with many different costumes and appearances. Objects in house are shown in full color in anime style. If you are a lover of Japanese anime then this is a great game worth playing.

With Kuma Sushi Bar, you will enjoy gentle background music and special sound effects while playing.

FAQ – Related question

Kuma sushi bar mod apk safe?

Very safe. With Kuma Sushi Bar MOD APK version, or any mod apk version of the app/game officially posted on our blog, the file is always checked for security before sharing to users. So download it for free.

Is kuma sushi bar free?

Yes. You can download Kuma Sushi Bar for Android, IOS, PC for free from google play app store or appstore.

MOD APK version for Kuma Sushi Bar

MOD features 

Unlimited Money


What’s new

Bug fixes and performance improvements

How to install Kuma Sushi Bar

To play game, please follow instructions below:

Step 1: Download Kuma Sushi Bar MOD APK below mobile device article.

Step 2: Turn on  “Install apps from unknown sources” function on your Android phone.

Step 3: Open Kuma Sushi Bar MOD BY APKVIPO.apk file and click to install.

Step 4: Tap game’s icon in home screen launcher.

Step 5: Grant permission to display background, then play game.

Download Kuma Sushi Bar MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

Overall, through this article of ours, you also know “What is Kuma Sushi Bar?” great features in game Kuma Sushi Bar. Discover and grow Sushi to become famous, attract more customers to eat every day with your business talent!

What's new

So much has changed! It's time to get back into this delicious culinary world and enjoy all the new features!

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