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Updated in November 1, 2022

Lexilize Flashcards MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is where just imagine that learning a foreign language is like a game and has nothing to do with boring memorization. Lexilize Flashcards app makes your learning process much easier.


You are a student or student. Every day it is necessary to memorize many grammars by a foreign language. It’s really boring to learn the old ways of teaching. Start learning more actively with the Lexilize Flashcards app.

Lexilize Flashcards - Add Your Words And Pictures
Lexilize Flashcards – Add Your Words And Pictures

Lexilize Flashcards is a great educational app available on Android and IPhone smartphones. You can quickly create your dictionary with phonetic transcriptions, grammar topics and related images, and easily learn new vocabulary with 5 different games. Lexilize Flashcards help more than five hundred thousand people around the world with their learning. It deserves to be the best memorization and learning app worth using.

Features of Lexilize Flashcards

Ideal education

Lexilize Flashcards allows you to build your word lists in an Excel file, import and study words between lessons. Share your keywords with others.

Lexilize Flashcards - Add Your Words And Pictures
Lexilize Flashcards – Add Your Words And Pictures

You are learning a foreign language on online courses. After each lesson, make a list of new words (phrases) and learn them when you have a minute: in the subway, on the tram, in line or even outside the city. Simply because the Lexilize Flashcards app works without the Internet (offline mode).

You already know a foreign language, but want to expand your vocabulary. Write interesting and unfamiliar words, translate them automatically, and learn flashcards when you have time.

You are an expert in foreign languages ​​and with pleasure find any interesting nuances. Capture all the fun moments in Lexilize Flashcards and you can always find them in a moment.

Lexilize Flashcards - Smart reminder every day
Smart reminder every day

Not just education

Traditional education makes you boring. Enjoy learning with Lexilize Flashcards with 5 different games. You can both have fun and learn naturally. New words will be absorbed by you continuously by the suggestion of the game. In addition, Lexilize Flashcards will cough the unthinkable:

  • Ability to repeat learned material
  • Auto game mode
  • Offline mode lets you learn taapk anywhere
  • Describe words with pictures
  • Analysis of phonetic transcription, gender, themes
  • You can add your own words and phrases
  • Automatic translation function provided by Yandex Dictionary API
  • Pronounce all your words and phrases with TTS
  • Get notified of new words every day
  • Support more than 118 languages
  • Import and export files from Excel files
  • Predefined categories for 41 languages
  • Dictionary mode (You can quickly find the translation of a passage)
  • My own learning statistics
  • Night mode for eye protection

Intuitive and easy to use

Simple and easy to use. You can easily grasp all the features included in the application. Lexilize Flashcards allows to prepare a list of words (phrases) in Excel and distribute the file to everyone via email or Telegram.

Lexilize Flashcards MOD APK Version

Free Premium Upgrade

Are you ready to enjoy and experience unlimited apps?. Upgrade your Lexilize Flashcards Premium membership for free using our APK version.

  • Unlimited images from the internet
  • Add and learn up to 5 languages
  • Sync between devices
  • Unlimited Reminders
  • Automatic backup on device
  • Any tts voice available
  • Your progress with expanded statistics
  • Night Mode
  • Category up to 5th nesting level
  • Change spaced repeat parameters

New feature

  • Cloud backup/sync via Google Drive
  • Supports monolingual directions (such as English-English)
  • Ability to speak the words in the tag
  • Improve image search

Download Lexilize Flashcards MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android

Lexilize Flashcards is the place to unleash learning in the latest method. Train and improve your memory by displaying notifications every day. In addition, if you want to learn English, Chinese, Japanese… You can refer to the Lingodeer application. Improving your foreign language knowledge takes only a few days.

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