Name Moon Live
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlock Room, Allow screenshots, No login
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Updated in June 26, 2022

Moon Live MOD APK (Unlock Room) is one of best live streaming platforms on mobile phones. Download Moon Live for Android and iPhone (IOS) to enjoy unique entertainment parties with friends or relatives today.

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Introduce about Moon Live

Moon Live is the #1 free live streaming app in Southeast Asia and powered by moonlive tv. Thanks to the trendy features, the app has more than 100 thousand trusted users everywhere in just a few months of launch.

Compared with other apps like bigo, bunny or daylive, Moon live mod gives you trendy features that you have never experienced before. The latest exclusive features of moon live will bring you to the world of true entertainment, a healthy, vibrant and fun playground.

A place where you can enjoy a variety of video programs that are broadcast live by beautiful and talented idols. If you are mentally tired, come to the exciting atmosphere in moon live to meet friends around, chat about life and work, your spirit will become better!

Outstanding features of Moon Live

Enjoy the livestream party

For the past few years, we have not been able to participate in outdoor parties during the covid-19 pandemic. But with joining the moon live platform, you will be able to participate in countless exciting entertainment parties anytime, anywhere, as long as your mobile device always has an internet connection.

Moon live APK brings thousands of livestream programs with many attractive content. In it, your favorite genres such as music, dancing, watching movies, chatting, solo between 2 idols, shows, or even playing games are available to watch.

For those of you who love listening to music, surely moon live is a great music app to listen to millions of the latest, trending and popular songs. All those songs will be performed by moon live artists with their sweet and emotional voices. Try to keep your emotions calm before the idol’s performance, you and others may shed tears.

Chat with idols and other people

Interact with your idols and other people who are participating in this party. Moon live allows you to interact with everyone by writing comments, sending lovely stickers or emojis that replace words. Don’t hesitate, send some comments, people will love to see your comments!

Donate to idols or other people in room with lucky gifts. Thousands of gifts with different meanings such as watches, supercars, bouquets, kisses, likes, god of fortune, hardworking bees, roses, cars, planes, hearts, diamond rings and more available on moon live shopping store.

If you see a moon live idol’s performance or an exciting channel, click follow button to update the broadcast time frame. Share channels directly to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.

Make money online

Making money in real life is already difficult, but making money online at home or making money with your own talents is even harder. Moon live apk is not only an entertainment app, but it is also to help you make money online at home. Register to be a new collaborator on moon live livestream platform today. You can both become an idol and earn money.

What talent do you have? Do you have a talent for singing, dancing, or talking with wit? Any talent you have will be noticed by everyone on moon live. Create your own live stream room, start showing off your own talents with just one click.

Try to be the best you can be, turning other people’s fans into yours by all means. The more views and followers, the more money you earn on social media moon live.

Create and manage accounts

Moon live mod apk unlock room allows easy account creation with just a few steps of filling in basic information such as account name, password, gender, year of birth, avatar and bank account link (with can be ignored) you already have an account of your own. In addition, moon live allows to use all available services without having to create or log in to an account. It’s great, isn’t it!

In the moon live account management section, you can view some information including account details, balance, friends list, my followers, account history, billing history, statistics invite friends, my backpack, protect privacy, customize and much more.

Simple and easy to use

Uncomplicated, easy to use is what moon live brings to users. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, the functions are displayed in a clear and orderly manner. Whether you are not good at using mobile phones, you are a child or a family member, you can easily experience the entertainment services available on moon live app without any difficulty.

MOD APK version for Moon Live

MOD feature

Unlock room 

Allow screenshots 

No login 

What’s new

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download Moon Live MOD APK (Unlock Room) for Android

In general, moon live is a livestream platform that provides free attractive entertainment programs to users. You can enjoy countless parties, interact with your idols and others, play online games or even earn money online from home easily.

Hope this article of ours today has helped you to know “what is moon live”, understand main features of moonlive. Instead of worrying about work and love, why don’t you download moon live for ios, android and pc to chat with beautiful teenage girls?