Last updated: September 30, 2021

PublisherNox Ltd
OS SuportAndroid 4.4 and up
MOD FeaturesVIP Unlocked
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UpdateSep 30, 2021

Nox Security (MOD, VIP Unlocked) – Comprehensive anti-virus application for Android phones.

About Nox Security

You regularly surf the internet. It is not too difficult to access any website on a smartphone. Have you ever thought about privacy?. The danger is always lurking whenever you are hands-free. Bad things can happen at any time. Nox Security is one of the no. 1 protection apps. Nox Security can completely protect you from countless dangers online and optimize the speed of love cricket. Nox Security MOD - Antivirus

Nox Security Highlights

Comprehensive protection

As you may already know, Android is one of the most popular open source operating systems in the world. An open source operating system is understood as a developer operating system that allows users to generally call individuals or authorities allowed to intervene deep inside including editing or customizing source code into new operating systems for use for specific purposes at no additional charge. This leads to many devices experiencing severe security errors. Nox Security is a great tool to help your phone avoid the risk of online attacks such as viruses, spyware, hackers, rootkits, online phishing, etc. The Nox Security app enables to wipe out viruses and secure private files more securely. All malicious code or dangerous apps are always checked and deleted immediately.

Cleanup and optimization

Android phones are always slow to make you tired and impatient. Nox Security was developed to optimize the dictionary to become as newly shipped. During application operation always arise cache files. The Android system cannot clear the cache. Nox Security is capable of cleaning up redundant files in a radical way. Free up memory space with just one click on this Nox Security app. Everything will go back to the beginning.

Block notifications effectively

Annoying notifications cause you to lose focus on your work. Nox Security provides a powerful notification manager and cleaner. You can use this feature to block and remove junk notifications, keep your phone from disturbing, and keep the notification bar clear. You feel that a daily sales consultation call is annoying, Nox Security is a great choice. Start setting up a list of phone numbers you don’t want to hear. Nox Security - Antivirus Master, Clean Virus, Free

MOD APK version of Nox Security

MOD Features

  • Become a VIP user
  • Select automatically according to the preset schedule
  • Protect safety when accessing online
  • No ads
  • Support directly 24/7

Notes: The VPN connection tool doesn’t work. We will try to fix this as soon as possible!

What’s new

  1. The priority is the function of cleaning garbage, reducing the lack of data deletion
  2. Optimize the performance of memory acceleration and battery saving
  3. Reuse some previously existing errors

Download Nox Security MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) for Android

Prevent and protect your device from internet hazards. The smartphone cleaner and improve becomes smooth. Locking apps is just a few basic steps with Nox Security. Please refer to the One Booster app. this tool will help you a lot.

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