Name App Poppy Clash Mod Apk
PublisherXGame Global
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Updated in January 12, 2022

Poppy Clash MOD APK is a free video game for smartphones. Dress up as the hero Poppy to save the world. Destroy Poppy and evil monsters to win. Right now, download Poppy Clash to enjoy!

Note: You can download some entertaining 3D games similar to Every Hero and Monster Box.

Conquer hundreds of challenges

You are looking for an action, survival game with many challenges. Dangerous challenges are your favourite. You are in the right place, Poppy Clash is a game with many attractive levels. Each level has a challenge from easy to difficult.

Your mission in the game Poppy Clash is to conquer the road to fight enemies like evil monsters. On the road, you will have to go through countless difficulties and dangers at any time. Deep holes, sharp hangers, rows of rows, short walls, bombs are buried in the path.

Dangers come at any time when moving, each time they appear, stay away from them. Don’t worry, the level of encountering them depends on the level. The higher your level, the greater the danger. Be careful of them before meeting the boss!

On the way to battle, try to collect as many items as possible like gold. After accumulating a sufficient amount of gold (Cash), upgrade or buy weapons with more powerful destructive power. Killing the final boss will be easy.

Expansion of battle members

Have you ever thought about a survival or action game that is completely new with horror characters? Poppy Clash will bring you moments of fun with friends and family. You have to be smart to gather as many crowds as possible.

After going through many obstacles and having many allies to fight. Join your teammates to fight hordes of soldiers or bosses. The hordes of ghosts are so large, you need to upgrade or equip more modern weapons in the Poppy Clash shop before starting a fierce battle with the big boss scary doll at the end of the race.

Graphics and Sound

Poppy Clash is a game with beautiful 3D graphics. You will be lost in a 3D world full of fun colors. With the vertical screen style, players will be able to see everything easily. Side characters, evil monsters or meticulously designed paths. You will be surprised after experiencing it. Let’s enjoy the survival space as well as the shooting with these amazing 3D effects and performance.

Music in Poppy Clash is made available to everyone. Regardless of whether you are young or old, you will enjoy the musical melodies included in the game. Not only music but also exclusive sound effects. You will hear the sound of footsteps, the sound of guns or the sound of victory. You will definitely love that!

Easy controls

It’s hard to find a game that can control characters as easily as Poppy Clash. Poppy Clash is one of the attractive games developed by XGame Global, a famous developer with many survival, action and adventure games on mobile devices.

Poppy Clash is designed with an intuitive and simple interface. In the main screen of the game, you can choose one of the characters to start the challenge. In addition, shop for modern weapons or upgrade equipment to have the power to overcome difficult challenges and win more easily.

MOD APK Version for Poppy Clash

In the game store there are many weapons for players to buy, you cannot buy those. With our version of Poppy Clash MOD APK, you can buy anything you want like modern weapons, support equipment or character upgrades and more. At the same time, you will no longer have a situation where the game is inserted by the ads displayed, it’s great, isn’t it!


Unlimited Money: You can unlock completely free and unlimited weapons, items, characters or costumes.

No Ads: Display ads annoy players? With this version of Poppy Clash apk, you will no longer encounter annoying ads while playing the game.

What’s new

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements: Players will have a smooth gaming experience.

Download Poppy Clash MOD APK for Android

If you love horror movie characters, Poppy Clash will be a great choice for you to enjoy. The hottest action game of 2022. Join the dangerous roads and fight the enemies for absolute victory in Poppy Clash.

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