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Slap and Run mod apk offers an endless running competition and a series of crazy actions. Stay focused on the screen and enjoy the blows!

If you want simple entertainment and hours of addictive gameplay, then Slap and Run game is the perfect answer. You will have many unexpected fun throughout the game. However, you will get bad Karma because you slap someone for no reason!

Slap and Run Game – Exciting crazy running and action

Slap and Run is a fun arcade game by VOODOO. Studio VOODOO specializes in developing popular casual and arcade games for smartphones. VOODOO style is minimalist 3D graphics, addictive gameplay, intuitive controls and unique concept.

Slap and Run is about 80MB in size, and has millions of official downloads on GooglePlay. If you love VOODOO, then you will love Slap and Run – a fun and addictive game.

The game emphasizes entertainment, so you will have endless moments of relaxation. All characters are simple human models, and everything is distinguished by color. The player is a blue person, and your task is to deliver slaps to anyone. Karma will be waiting for you, and get ready to escape from a mob chasing you from behind!

Attractive features of the game Slap and Run

Simple and frantic quests

Slap and Run doesn’t have a complicated storyline, and players just need to tap the screen repeatedly. You can slap others unlimitedly and automatically, so you can just run without thinking. Get ready to enjoy the fun of flirting with passersby and listening to funny sounds!

The difficulty increases over time, so you will have to move like a drunk in difficult challenges. However, the most interesting thing is “karma”. Players must not only face the obstacle in front of them, but also have to escape from the pursuit of the angry mob behind!

Overcoming a series of difficult challenges

Slap and Run has a lot of different obstacles, such as large and small gears. The more levels you pass, the more dangerous barriers you face. If you accidentally hit the gears, the game is over. Concentration is the key to winning, and you need to spend a lot of time to overcome difficulties.

In addition, you have even more difficulty when surrounded. Get ready to run away from an angry mob chasing and past sharp cogs that are just waiting to kill you!

Simple controls and addictive gameplay

Slap and Run has simple controls. The screen runs continuously, and you can’t stop even for a split second. Therefore, you need to navigate consistently & accurately. Get ready to swipe the screen left or right to free the protagonist. Hints that perfect hand-eye coordination is a key success factor. If you have ever experienced the arcade genre, then you will quickly get used to the game.

Many interesting rewards

Slap and Run doesn’t have an official store, so you can’t buy items or upgrade skills. However, the game offers a lot of unique skins, so you can choose your favorite appearance and enjoy the fun to your liking.

In addition, you can upgrade your kick power or running speed. It is suggested that you upgrade your running speed as this will help you escape from the raging crowd behind. In particular, the game also has bonus rounds – where you can play and enjoy hours of fun. During each bonus round, you can slap dozens of pedestrians and collect tons of items, and need to face any traps.

Minimalist 3D graphics and realistic sounds

Slap and Run has a typical Voodoo graphic style. The game’s graphics are impressive, simple, and extremely sharp. In particular, the game offers very realistic slaps and runs. The most exciting thing is at the end of the track, and you’ll be kicking the last pedestrian or the cop. Suggest that if you meet the police, you need to try to dodge bullets to survive.

The background music is vibrant, engaging, and perfectly suited to the action. The game is full of sound effects including the sound of slaps, footsteps and even screams.

MOD APK Version for Slap and Run


NO ADS:Annoying display ads have been removed from the game, you will have a great gaming experience on your phone!

Download Slap and Run MOD APK for Android

In short, Slap and Run is a great game if you need simple entertainment. The game has impressive 3D graphics and realistic sounds. Gameplay is simple and addictive. In addition, the game offers tons of exciting challenging levels, unique skins, and hours of endless fun.

Download the game Slap and Run to unleash heavenly slaps and receive your karma! In addition, you can also download attractive and free games like Case Hunter mod apk and Subway Surfers mod apk.

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