Name Stickman WW2
PublisherAndrey Bojko
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Updated in March 31, 2022

Stickman Ww2 MOD APK is one of strategy games for Android and iPhone. Players will be participating in the wars of the second world that are happening in real life. Conquer the stickman world and achieve great victories!

In addition, you can also refer to stickman action game as Stickman vs Craftsman.

Introduce about Stickman WW2 MOD APK

Stickman ww2 is an exciting array game provided by Andrey Bojko that is released on many mobile and PC platforms. After a month of launch, the game has more than 1 million players from all over the world.Stickman WW2

Do you love stickman games with tactical gameplay? Especially war games. Stickman ww2 is a great choice to learn about World War 2. You will become the commander of a weak army, you have to train stickman army by performing missions in game, Upgrade and equip modern weapons. Finally fight against the invaders begins!

Gameplay Stickman ww2

In combat mission, player must try to defend area where he is stationed and find a way to attack the enemy. In online survival missions, players must try to defend through various waves of enemy attacks.Stickman WW2

After passing the levels, you will receive rewards including: cash, energy, badges, levels. Use them to upgrade stickman soldiers with more power.

In Stickman ww2 there will be 3 different types of stick people including: miner, archer, spearman. Each type has different special skills.

Your task is to coordinate them to create a complete squad. After creating a powerful battle formation, press attack to fight enemy. You can both fight and train new soldiers to add more.Stickman WW2

Stickman ww2 offers many challenging levels

Although, Stickman ww2 is an action and strategy game with a fairly simple gameplay, but no less challenging. More than 400+ challenging levels for players, you will have to use all your fighting skills in game, or in real life can be used.

Surely you are also and have played many stickman action games, right? We believe that you have definitely learned a lot of fighting skills, defense skills and mining in  game. Whether more or less, those skills are fully promoted in game Stickman ww2 APK.Stickman WW2

Become commander of stickman army, command and participate in game screen with many levels from easy to difficult. In Stickman ww2, higher level, harder it is for you to win!

Upgrade and buy more equipment

To win is not an easy thing, you will have to spend a lot of effort and experience to train your troops against opponents with great power. Use accumulated money to upgrade your army by increasing health, damage rate, movement speed, and attack speed.Stickman WW2 MOD APK

Stickman ww2 provides players with a diverse shopping store with a full range of guns and ammunition. You can shop and equip stickman characters with modern-day primitive weapons such as:

  • Fiery gun: your soldiers do twice a damage for 15 seconds.
  • Airstrike: summon carpet bombing.
  • First aid: Heak all warriors.
  • Armor: warriors are immune to enemy attacks for 10 seconds.
  • Repair tower: restores 50% health of tower.
  • Reinforcement: Call the allied forces for help.
  • Summon tank: call powerful tank for help.
  • Gold rush: Miners operate twice as fast for 30 seconds.

Graphics and sound in Stickman ww2

Game stickman ww2 has simple 2D graphics suitable for even weak machines. Characters are all stickman moves and dramatic head combat. During formation, spare stickmen soldiers will do push-ups to practice, raise their guns to show their strong will to fight, ready for battle orders.

The stickman costumes are our favourite, they get to dress up in gorgeous and gorgeous outfits. Effects in game include shooting effects, digging ore, special skills, although effect is quite simple but clear, intuitive and easy to see.Stickman WW2 APK

With Stickman ww2, players will hear thrilling background music, bringing sound of war in real life. In particular, with commands to defend, attack, withdraw troops will be accompanied by sounds. In match, there will be accompanying sounds such as bullets hitting people, ore mining axes …. helping to increase drama of battle.

MOD APK Versipn of Stickman WW2

The more you level up, more levels you will encounter that cannot be easily overcome. enemy’s army of terrorist attacks will easily destroy your stronghold. With our version of Stickman ww2 MOD APK you will get best chances to win.

MOD features 

Unlimited money, diamonds.

No ads

What’s new

Add more game screen, new stickman.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download Stickman WW2 MOD APK for Android

For those of you who love simple strategy games, Stickman ww2 MOD APK can meet all the desires of all mobile gamers. Simple but equally eye-catching 2D graphics, thrilling sound, players will have a feeling of thrill and stimulation when starting to play.