Name YouCam Nails
PublisherPerfect Corp
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesAPK Only
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Updated in December 19, 2021

Most girls want to have unique nails, but choosing them is not easy. In addition, you will lose a lot of money when going to professional nail salons, or waste time when you accidentally choose inappropriate styles.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, now you just download and use YouCam Nails to quickly Create your favorite nail art!

YouCam Nails app information

YouCam Nails is one of the top apps in Google Play Beauty category. The application is developed by Perfect Corp – a famous studio with the series YouCam Makeup- Perfect – Fun, and Beauty Circle.

In addition, Artistry Virtual Beauty is also a popular choice with female beauty enthusiasts. It can be said that YouCam Nails is the perfect combination of beauty applications and interesting entertainment games.

In particular, girls will quite like this software because it brings “addictive” fun during the process of creating nail art. Through features, you’ll create stunning style at your fingertips by choosing between hundreds of amazing colors, designs, and delicate patterns.

In addition, the YouCam Nails application is suitable for everyone because of its intuitive interface, eye-catching iron color, and especially the interesting one-touch feature. You can randomly generate hundreds of different styles with the click of a button.

It can be said that the moments of choosing images for nails as a game make you always happy. Surely you will be able to create new nail designs quickly and easily without the hassle of expensive nail polish removers.

Don’t hesitate to show off your unique ideas, you can create amazing celebrity nails like those of your idol Kylie Jenner, or create cute nails like a haughty princess. Get ready to download the app to experience the most trendy and unique nail styles!

4 main features of YouCam Nails app

YouCam Nails – Manicure Salon for Custom Nail Art will definitely make you spend a lot of time experiencing and discovering a series of attractive features.

Use the camera to create realistic nails

YouCam Nails allows you to use a standard hand model. However, you can completely use the camera to take real-time pictures of the hand, and from here the designs will be closer to “real life”. In addition, you can also adjust your personal skin color to match your wishes, or give advice to friends.

Explore the colorful world

YouCam Nails brings a world of diverse colors to your nails. YouCam Nails app allows you to choose any favorite nail color and style. With a collection of more than 65 nail art colors, you can completely create a unique design that suits you best.

Take your time to go through the various coloring books and there will be many new interesting ideas! Plus, you can customize the nail design with over 25 different patterns to mix and match, such as classic french, polka dots, cats, flowers, hearts, and cartoon characters. Choose from different templates to create an infinitely personal experience, or apply a fixed style to them all, the decision is up to you!

Experience a series of unique stickers and backgrounds

YouCam Nails also allows you to create a unique nail by adding stickers or unique styles. Currently, the application has 5 popular nail styles to help you choose the perfect one, and there are more than 50 cute polish sticker styles including: various jewelry, flowers and diverse geometry. Each sticker style has its own characteristics, and you should take the time to try each one out.

In addition, you can also experience different backgrounds to add more fun, such as stylish girl background, beautiful princess or high fashion style. Remember to use fun stickers and visual effects on your nails to add style!

Convenient one-touch experience and instantly share with friends on social networks

After creating beautiful nails, YouCam Nails allows you to style beautiful nails with your friends to receive compliments or suggestions. Other cool features include Beauty cam that allows you to customize a photo after completing the nail design; one-touch helps you create stylish, glamorous & professional nails instantly; Beauty Circle gives you a bunch of great nail art tutorials and videos with just one click!

Download YouCam Nails APK for Android

In short, YouCam Nails is really an essential beauty application for girls, especially those who like nail art. With a series of useful features, you will both enjoy the entertainment of designing unique nail designs, and avoid the mess when you have to erase the nails many times. In particular, you can definitely save a lot of money when you don’t have to go to the nail spa through video tutorials. Download the YouCam Nails app to discover your own nail artist now!